More Shots of “The Instrument” Behind Tomb Raider’s Unique Soundscape

Many of you were intrigued by the unique sculpture highlighted in our most recent Final Hours installment, the episode which also revealed our acclaimed composer Jason Graves. Created in collaboration with sculptor Matt McConnell and simply named “The Instrument” the idea was to create a one-of-a-kind sound and voice for the island. The first fifteen minutes of audio in Tomb Raider were created entirely on this sculpture. 

Check out a few more shots of the final product above - it’s equally parts beautiful and innovative. Surrounding the instrument are McConnell and Graves, joined by Crystal Dynamics audio experts Jack Grillo and Alex Wilmer. If you’d like to hear it in action, give The Final Hours #3 another listen!

To learn more about the creation of “The Instrument” check out the McConnell Studios Facebook page