Pre-order Bonus Round Three: Shanty Town Multiplayer Map Revealed

Our final wave of pre-order DLC has been revealed! Select retail partners are offering up the “Shanty Town” multiplayer map as a bonus for grabbing Tomb Raider early.

The island of Yamatai contains a wide variety of environments. Most were formed naturally; many others were built long ago. However the Shanty Town is one of the relatively newer areas, having been cobbled together by the Scavengers using scrap and other debris found on the island. This map features a ramshackle area of steep climbs, multiple ziplines (for quick escapes), and deadly traps to set for foes. The map is available as a free day one download on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC when you pre-order from participating retailers.

To clear up a bit of confusion, this piece of DLC was previously called the “Endurance Pack” in our early planning stages since we’d not yet announced multiplayer. Check with your local retailers (such as to see if they’re participating!