Lara’s Spanish & Russian Voices Revealed!

The debut of Lara’s Spanish & Russian voices marks the end of the line of our VO announcements!

Guiomar Alburquerque Durán is the new Spanish voice of Lara Croft. Guiomar currently performs voice over for many popular shows, including Alexis Castle in Castle, and Charlie Rhodes in Gossip Girl. She also has an array of cinema accomplishments under her belt, such as Silk Spectre in Watchmen. You can read more about her accomplishments here.

We’re also proud to reveal Polina Sherbakova as the Russian voice for Lara. Polina’s list of film credits go on and on and on – with her contributing to The Avengers, Twilight, Transformers, Star Trek, and more. You can see her massive list of voice work here.

Welcome to the team Guiomar & Polina! Take a gander at our full gallery of VO talent on the Tomb Raider Facebook page