Official Tomb Raider Store Kickoff!

Thanks to a partnership with Treehouse Brand Stores, Tomb Raider now has its own online shopping destination ready to raid for apparel, accessories, and collectibles.

You can spot some of our favorite items above, including Endurance attire, Alex’s already-famous ESC tee, the slouchy Survivor Dolman, Sisters of Artemis gear, and more. Keenly aware of our massive female fandom, we’re especially proud that our store also hosts a slew of items designed specifically for women.

Head over to the Tomb Raider Store to check out the initial lineup, geared up to ship orders worldwide. Trust me, there’s much more to come in the near future. We intend to make this our one-stop Tomb Raider shop.

We’ve carved out a special spot on the forums for you to chat about products, show off photos with your goodies, and ask questions to official store representatives. 

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! To celebrate this landmark occasion, Treehouse is hosting a shopping spree sweepstakes. One lucky fan will win a $500 worth of merchandise from the store, four fans will get a hoodie of their choice, and ten fans will get a free tee! Sign up for the mailing list (at the bottom of the website) or purchase something before March 8 to be entered for a chance to win.

Best of luck, and remember to send snaps of you modeling your Tomb Raider gear to!