Dragoncon - Sunday

Sunday was my ‘big’ costume day as I dirtied myself back up in my (apparently ‘signature’) Tomb Raider costume. It was a wonderfully comfortable costume in the Georgia summer heat and seemed to go over quite well. I was flabbergasted by how many people recognized me. I’m still feel very new to the cosplay community, so having anyone, especially strangers at one of the largest conventions in the US, recognize little ol’ me made for a big grin plastered on my face. 

Makeup - Dustin Fletcher (original design by Matt Silva of Black Tie FX)

Photo Credits - 1 - Me
                       2 - Jared Presley
                       3 - Bokeh Photography
                       4 - Zaptomatic Photography (Flickr)
                       5 - Winged Mammal Photography
                       6 - Mark Jamieson
                       7, 8  - Wes Lowzinski

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