Mel & Max Interview Joe Khoury

Ready for more community CES coverage via Max and Mel? This time they chat with Eidos Montreal multiplayer producer Joe Khoury about the new addition to the franchise. 

Mel’s added some subtitles from time to time to aid with the audio - I apologize again for the background noise. Enjoy!

If you missed M&M’s first interview with Noah Hughes, tune in here

A few snaps of Melonie and Max from yesterday! After playing the demo I took them on a gondola ride at the Venetian - Tomb Raider II style.

Then we ate and were entertained at the Tournament of Kings. You can see them posing with our “hero” of the evening - the Dragon Knight.

Lastly, they were dropped off at the Luxor, a perfect hotel for TR fans! 

More to come today!