Croft Couture #33: Sara Croft

The Tomb Raider fandom is full of talented artists, entertainers, and perhaps most notably, phenomenal cosplay talent. “Croft Couture” aims to showcase these lovely and dedicated women, and give Lara costumers a spot to share their experiences while dressed as gaming’s leading lady.

Sara Croft is a pillar of the Tomb Raider community, thanks to her work on, as well as her own costumed endeavors. Always willing to share tips and tricks on how to make a killer costume, and constantly looking out for other fans who need advice, she resembles Lara not only in appearance, but in spirit. Take a look at Sara’s photos above, and read about her adventures below! 

Fast Stats 

  • Name: Sara Larochelle (Sara Croft)
  • Country: United States
  • Occupation: Prop & Costume Maker
  • Fan Since: 1999
  • Favorite Tomb Raider Game: Tomb Raider (2013)
  • Favorite Non-Lara Tomb Raider Character: Conrad Roth
  • Favorite Tomb Raider Villain: Amanda Evert
  • Number of Lara Croft Costumes: 14
  • First Lara Croft Cosplay: Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
  • Favorite Lara Croft Cosplay: Tomb Raider: Legend  
  • Future Lara Croft Cosplay: Four new, two remakes!

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What first drew you to the Tomb Raider franchise, and what initially inspired you to cosplay as Lara Croft?

I was visiting my grandparents during the holidays in 1999 back in Algeria, and my cousins were there too. They were playing Tomb Raider on their PC and I was mesmerized. This was a female lead, and she seemed to be an incredible athlete, with great abilities. I was instantly hooked and never left the computer the rest of my time there. Strong females were unheard of in Algeria, damsels in distress was what i was used to in that country. So it was love at first sight with Lara.

Years later when we immigrated to England, We got internet, and i was finally connected to the rest of the world. I started talking people on myspace with the same interest, One day a friend mentioned cosplaying to me. I had no idea what it was. After she sent me a few photos of girls in Lara costumes, i was again hooked forever. I took apart an old backpack for its webbing, straps and buckles, turned a black t-shirt into one without sleeves, cut my cargo pants into shorts. can you guess what for? Yes it was my attempt at AOD shorts outfit, my mom was the only one that knew, i was afraid to show my dad, but that’s when i started my website and connected with people with the same hobby.

What Lara Croft costume did you tackle first?

It was Angel of Darkness, the short shorts outfit, I remember thinking it was probably very easy to construct.

What is your favorite Lara Croft ensemble?

Tomb Raider Underworld for sure, I loved every single aspect of that costume, and I felt very confident in it, I always had issues with my arms and tummy, and I felt good about wearing it as the reaction from people was very positive. The backpack is my favorite piece, I love that it’s secured across the chest and the belt impressed me too.

What Croft costumes are still on your roster?

I want to do Tomb Raider 2013 Sure-shot outfit, Tomb Raider Legend Biker no jacket and Tomb Raider 3 south pacific outfit, but the need for cosplaying takes over me like a demon possessing me so I might make a costume out of nowhere :)

Which Lara costume was the most difficult to construct? Was it due to a particular garment or prop?

The competition bow for sure, for Tomb Raider 2013, I had never attempted to make anything like it before, and let alone make it out of foam. and the most challenging part was to draw it and cut it out, I was pleasantly surprised when i was done and to have it functional was even better! 

Lara Croft’s lifestyle is full of intrigue and adventure. Do you have any memorable photoshoots or convention appearances that pay tribute to Lara’s lifestyle?

For that tiger/tree picture, We canoed to a near by island on my friend’s lake, it was about a quarter mile away so it was quite a stretch, on the way I could not help thinking of Lara in that rowboat in TR3.

Along the same lines, what’s the most exotic location you’ve traveled to?

Unfortunately i don’t really have means to travel anywhere special, the best location I’ve been to was a small island in a lake in Maine, North East USA.

What about Lara’s physical strength or mental prowess most inspires you? Has this, or your desire to cosplay Lara, influenced your daily life?

There are three ways in which Lara changed my life or helped me deal with fears, one was helping me keep an eye on my health, I always remind myself of cosplay when i want that second helping of ice cream, the second, is when we were getting ready to move to England and i was scared, reminding myself of Lara’s fearlessness and courage helped me prepare for that seismic life change. Finally moving to the United States to meet my husband of 5 years now was also largely due to having the “I’m ready for anything” attitude thanks to Lara. :) | Forums | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | G+